Go To Your School Reunion, I Say – But Hire a Limo

After an exhausting workout, you sit down to check your email and what do you see? The dreaded announcement of your high school reunion is just 5 months away! You think of ways to lose 50 pounds in 5 months? You really want to make an entrance in style so you and your friends decide to hire a limo and arrive altogether with all eyes staring at you, jaws dropping and saliva drooling! But don’t forget those 50 pounds!

Turning up to reunion in limousine

My own reunion

That’s what happened to me at my recent high school reunion in Perth. Our school holds reunions for all graduates since its foundation. It’s a party for all ages where the young ones laugh boisterously and the “young once” stare and complain about the noise and how the school is not the same as it was.

Suddenly, the band started playing different genres of music starting from the eldest group’s era. I heard cheers when they played songs by Elvis and they danced with some moves! When it was our high school songs, it was our turn to show off some grooves.

Still, there were the hushed voices and silent giggles from all corners of the gym. People commenting about someone’s hairpiece or someone’s old-fashioned attire. It was then I realized that I was back in high school once again! Whether you loved high school or hated it, you should go to your reunion at all costs!

Ah, those days of envy

Back in high school, I envied rich kids and wished one day I could be like them. In this homecoming, I enjoyed watching how those former popular ones are now living extremely ordinary lives. The head of the cheer-leading squad works at a boutique! The athlete of the year now works part-time at the local grocery. And me? The so-so class secretary now has an online blog and I arrived in a Perth limousine!

In my 20th reunion, I will look forward to finding single, married or divorced classmates. I imagine seeing my geekiest classmate looking all buffed and really hot. Who knows, maybe sparks will fly with my best friend, the history nerd. That is, if she still doesn’t want to part with her books.

In our 30th or 40th reunion, things will be quite interesting with looking for things that aren’t there anymore, like hair, teeth, work or even beloved teachers. We will realize, we are all mortal. That will be the time to cheer up and be glad with whoever are left to reminisce days of chanting “We are the Champions”

Don’t miss the chance

So if you get that email to attend your reunion, please by all means, go! Take that one nostalgic trip back in time where most of your lives were molded. Stay for a few hours, or stay until the very end. And don’t forget to hire a limo for that dramatic effect. The important thing is that you were there and you could say, “Thanks for the memories.”